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Jay Leno

Finished Apr 14

Thrivent Hall

The outspoken talkshow host hits town for another late night evening of chat, comedy and entertainment.

Jay Leno

Finished Apr 14

Thrivent Hall

The outspoken talkshow host hits town for another late night evening of chat, comedy and entertainment.

Why see Jay Leno?


Love him or hate him, the hugely controversial Leno followed in the footsteps of legendary NBC late-night hosts Steve Allen, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson as the host of the Emmy Award-winning and top-rated "The Tonight Show," until his last show in 2014. You would think that he would be eager for some downtime - instead, he continues to hone his roasting and satirical skills at engagements across the country, often exceeding 300 dates per year!

Leno is renowned for his incredibly funny monologues, celebrity interviews, and of course his wry look at news headlines that never should have made it into print. He's not afraid to talk about current affairs or to satirize public figures, but does it with a twinkle in his eyes that never comes off as mean-spirited. A keen observer of modern phenomena, he manages to keep his material fresh and up to date, whether he is talking about binge watching television shows or lambasting his futility with technological advances.

During his tenure on the Tonight Show, he successfully walked a fine line between attracting his more mature and conservative audience with introducing edgier acts, modern pop culture into his shows, in order to appeal to younger fans - to a hugely varying opinion amongst his peers. Thankfully, it's the people that matter to him, and his enduring popularity hasbt waned since he first burst onto the comedy scene in the 1970s.

Key Information


Suitable for ages 16+

Run Time

90 minutes without intermission


Finished Apr 14


Customer reviews

8 reviews, average rating: (4.5 Stars)

Kara HIllman

Great time

Jay is as sharp as ever! Great delivery of contemporary funny anecdotes. Doesn’t need profanity to be funny! Didn’t hot political controversy either! Just fun! Laughed a lot and loved his To Go jokes!! ... Read more

Joey B

AMAZING !!!!!!

Saw him on Monday night April 18th. 6pm show..It was so refreshing to hear great clean comedy..The BEST late night talk show ever took us back to real comedy..not like the clowns on tv now who just trash politicians... Wish Jay could b.c e back on tv....GREAT SHOW ... Read more

Gino Rinaldo

Jay Leno Rocks!

Flawless performance from a master stand up comedian. Jay Leno is at the top of his game and like a fine Bordeaux his comedy has more depth with the passing of time. Take your breath away laughter is followed by insightful commentary and heartfelt stories. And Roy Thompson Hall provides a luxurious and intimate experience. ... Read more


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